RiskShield Check 'n' Score


Automatically identify suspicious claims early in the claims handling process with our scoring as a service tool

The Checker

RiskShield Check 'n' Score was designed in close collaboration with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in order to help adjusters, analysts and investigators automatically identify suspicious claims in real-time. The quality of claims that reach the desks of the Special Investigative Units will increase and time will be saved once the suspicious claims are identified.

The Scorer

If there is a match in the NICB data, a response containing the type of match as well as a RiskShield score with specific details on the hit is delivered. The score provided for each result indicates the matching quality between the requested information and the results. Higher scores indicate higher similarities between the search request and the finding. An entity can also be searched by sending a request to the service. RiskShield’s underlying algorithms use a set of matching strategies to find hard and soft matches.

The Router

The scoring service enables insurance companies to consistently and automatically check all entities inside their claims for NICB data matches. It is designed to eliminate the additional steps associated with searching the NICB data. RiskShield Check 'n' Score supports the identification of suspicious entities in any claim as part of the digitalization of the claims handling process. Claims with findings will be identified early in the process to enable appropriate workflow decisions.

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Multiple Databases

Do you use other databases to check on entities within your claims, customer records and payment transactions? Let's talk about how we can automate and provide a real-time scoring system for this process!

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Request a copy of our InfoPaper or download the Press Release to receive more detailed information about RiskShield Check 'n' Score and our partnership with NICB.

RiskShield Check 'n' Score offers you the following benefits:

  • Automatically run all claims against NICB data in claims handling process

  • Real-time access to all databases enabling quick decision making

  • Highly sophisticated fuzzy search engine increasing database search accuracy

  • We will catch John Smythe when John Smith is searched

Working with INFORM

INFORM is a global leader in advanced risk management solutions that mitigate financial crime risk and optimize operational claims processes. Check 'n' Score taps into the power of RiskShield which is a self-learning anti-fraud and AML monitoring solution with superb detection results that are reliable, fast and responsive. More than 45 insurance companies in the world, including AXA and Zurich Insurance rely on RiskShield. INFORM employs over 800 staff from more than 30 countries. Our USA office is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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